About Us

The Worldwide Virtual County Fair is an Advertising Platform, allowing it's members to advertise and promote their many businesses/opportunites from one forum. Using multiple tools and resourses, such as Banner and Text Ad Credits, Capture Pages, Downline Builders, Rotators, and much more...giving our members maximum opportunity to generate traffic and expand their business. Also, creating a portal to be able to join multiple opportunities expanding their potential income sources.

The vision was to create a theme that was different than the norm. A business forum with an exciting and funfilled platform. Every ride in the Worldwide Virtual County Fair is a business/ opportunity allowing our members to earn Affiliate Comissions and Bonuses just for purchasing Ad Packs and sharing our platform with others. The unlimited possabilites in this forum allows us to expand to hights that have never been done before...allowing us to continuously add rides/bussiness to the County Fair.

So, we welcome every member to enjoy this exciting new platform that's here for the long haul. Take advantage of the unlimited possiblilties of multiple streams of income...and the games, prizes, and contests along the way.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy the Ride!!!